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A blog about one half of Blood on the Dance Floor - Jayy Von Monroe. I will be posting anything and everything related to him and the band.

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****I am NOT Jayy, sorry. ****

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August 2nd
10:15 PM

Anonymous asked:

Is he still engaged to Daniel Ferrara... If not why did they break up?? Oh and who is he currently dating?? xD I love your blog btw ♥♥♥

I do not believe that he is still engaged to Daniel, but I think they’re dating again… because there are a couple of pictures of them and when I was at Warped they were walking around together. Why they broke up… I don’t know, I heard it was nasty though. His relationship status on facebook is ‘Widowed’ so I can’t even go off of that.

& Thank you. I will try to do more snooping, haha.

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